Time Traveler’s Photos Show Los Angeles Completely Underwater In The Year 5,000

A supposed time traveling man has produced a photo of what he says is Los Angeles completely under water in the year 5000.

This man, called ‘Edward’ made a video in which he describes what the future holds for humanity. He holds a photograph in the video of and speaks in great detail about life on earth 3 millennia into the future.

Edward insists that he was a participant in a top secret test in 2004, and he appears in the video with a blurred face and with his voice changed.

He says he was sitting in a park in Armenia when he became involved with the experiment.

He doesn’t go into much detail about the experiment, choosing to speak about the discoveries he made, including the underwater city.

In an interview with Apex TV, he said he stood atop a wooden surface, along with houses and other buildings made of wood as well. He says the world came to be submerged in parts due to the melting ice caps that are coming about with global warming. He came to realize it was Los Angeles, California he was looking at, but completely submerged underwater.

He is joined in a growing list by many, such as another self proclaimed time traveler, a man named Noah. Noah actually agreed to take a lie detector test and answer questions about his time travel escapades. He passed, but they didn’t show any footage of the test on camera.

Noah told of many things that would be happening in the next 10 years or so, including Donald Trump being elected to a second term in 2020.

He is 50 years of age, but appears to be half that because of a drug that rejuvenated his body after dealing with anorexia and depression.

He claimed to be from the year 2030 and he was asked if this is actually true and apparently, it is, accordingly to the test. The test nobody actually saw the results of.

Apex TV says they asked Noah about his travels, and they attempted to make sure his story is real, and they even X rayed his wrist to see if some technology from the future is there. He claims there is a gadget beneath the skin of his wrist.

Another supposed time traveler, Alexander Smith, is an older man who says he went from 1981 to 2118, as a part of an experiment conducted by the CIA.

Alexander claims that the next century will include a new language spoken by humans, much worse ramifications of global warming, and verified alien visits beginning in the middle of the 21st century. He says the aliens do come to visit, and calls them intelligent extraterrestrials.

Still another man claiming to have been part of a secret experiment claims to have a photo from 4,000 years into the future. He said the ones who rule the world of the future don’t want any of this getting out, but he shared a photo of one of the ‘major cities.’

He insists that ‘they’ don’t want him sharing any of the information and they really won’t like it, but he’s sharing the photo of a major city in the year 6000.

He withholds the name of the city, citing it would cause a big change in the future time, but shares the photo. It’s distorted because of the process of time travel, he explains.

He says that some time travelers have even experienced parts of their bodies being distorted in the process. He says that sending people forward in time was first tested on animals. Now that they have perfected the process, he says it will be put forth to all of us in 2028.

The biggest revelation he gives us is that in the year 6000, all of mankind is led by a highly advanced AI capable of 100% accurate predictions. He goes on to say that there are so many things we, in present day, have no idea about.

He continues that the AI that governs future humankind make decisions based in n logic, not emotions. They are much smarter than we are, he says. We will also be able to live forever in the future, according to him, by uploading our minds to computers.

There is obviously a lot of disbelief and skepticism surrounding all of these accounts of time travel from Noah, Alexander, Edward and the others. Do you believe it is possible to time travel? Do you think it ever will be? I’m sure we will be hearing many more stories from the future very soon.

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