What NASA Accidentally Caught On Film Outside Of The Space Station Is Chilling

We humans have been searching for proof of alien life for generations now. It just seems impossible that we’d be alone in this big, vast universe. Well, late last year, we may have accidentally stumbled upon the proof we’ve been looking for.

Last October, astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) were conducting a routine spacewalk to make some repairs while NASA recorded it back on Earth. When it was all over, they analyzed the tape and found something shocking lurking in the background: a disk-shaped UFO.

The stealthy visitors appear to be watching the astronauts.
Here’s the full video of the encounter. You can see the UFO at around 1:51.

If the UFO was difficult to see, this analysis video should make it clearer.

The logical explanation here is that the UFO in question is just a piece of space junk. It could also be one of two resupply vehicles servicing the ISS at the time. However, according to NASA, both of the resupply ships were docked at the space station when this video was taken. So maybe it really is a UFO, after all.

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