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What This Gamer Saw While Playing His New Xbox Will Terrify You

The Xbox Kinect is a motion capture accessory for the Xbox game console. It lets characters in a video game mimic the actions of a player moving in real life. While the Kinect is loved by many gamers, it also seems to be a favorite of ghosts and other spooky apparitions.

The Kinect uses infrared light to detect movement in a room. It can also see in infrared, which we humans cannot, and displays its results on TV in real time. According to paranormal investigators, ghosts are often seen in the infrared light spectrum. The gamer in the video below decided to test out the infrared camera on his new Kinect and quickly learned that he was not as alone as he thought.

This is beyond terrifying, especially if you use the Kinect for entertainment. I think I’ll hold off on playing my Xbox for a little while after watching this video. I don’t like the idea of shadow people lurking behind my back.

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