You shouldn’t brush your teeth after swimming

Tooth flossing, mouth washing and avoiding red wine, tea, coffee, cigarettes and some types of food or drinks are the best ways to keep those pearly whites white and healthy. Of course, regular brushing is also the key to maintaining an attractive and healthy smile, but brushing your teeth isn’t a good idea if you’ve just done some laps in the pool.


How so? Well, for starters, pool water is high on chlorine. It’s used in order to kill any harmful bacteria which could be dwelling in the water. Unfortunately, chlorine can also damage your teeth. A recent study reveals that the high consistency of chlorine in swimming pools has a severe effect on the teeth of regular swimmers. A total of 500 people, all of whom swam on a regular basis, took part in the study in question. The results showed that nearly 66% of the participants had damaged teeth thanks to brushing them after taking a dip in the pool.

The chlorine in the water can weaken the teeth’s enamel and cause severe damage due to its high acid content. Not only that, but brushing your teeth shortly after you’ve been swimming increases the damage the chlorine does to your teeth. All in all, the best way to prevent any health problems is to wait at least an hour after you’ve gotten out of the pool before you brush your teeth.

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