You’ll Be Shocked To Hear What Women In Russia Are Paying Men By The Hour To Do

Russia is a place known for its harsh weather and having a President that likes to walk around shirtless. Well, we are about to change your perception of the Russians.
Apparently, the women of Russia are lonely and need help running their homes. So, the city of Moscow is doing something about it.
The city administrators are promoting a “Rent-a-husband” business that allows hired “husbands” to come to help the people of Moscow who are struggling.


They would be available to perform tasks traditionally viewed as a man’s job in a Russian household, such as replacing a leaky tap, putting up shelves, etc. The City Hall’s social service will be free of charge for low-income households and available at a moderate fee to others.

Don’t you wish this service were available in America? I know that I’d like to have someone come over and do my housework for me for free! Who wouldn’t?! That sounds like a dream.

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