30 Hilarious Photos Of Parents Before And After Having Kids

This About Sums It Up

Actually Maximus, No, I’m Not Entertained. Thanks For Asking! (Love How The Shirt Goes From Sincere To Ironic When The Kid Shows Up!)

It Doesn’t Take Long For Them To Go From Cute To Crushing

From Sex On The Beach To Dead On Her Feet! This Juxtaposition Almost Makes Me Feel Bad, But The Truth Must Be Told! Also, The Baby’s Mouth Is Wide Open Too Omg

I’m Not Sure Which Situation Is More Hazardous To His Health…

From Partying All Night To Peppa’s Windy Fall Day

From Drinking Together To *making Drinks* Together

From Da King To Dafuq?!

His Drinking Buddies Have Changed

This Dapper Gent Went From Refined Af To Resigned To His Fate

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