30 Hilarious Photos Of Parents Before And After Having Kids

What’s The Opposite Of A Glow Up?

Older Siblings Can Get Toddlered Too! Not That He Seems To Mind Trading His Mouthguard For A Tiara

And To Think, She Used To Be The One Who Threw Up After Drinking Too Much

From Fat Tuesdays To Ass Wednesdays

Look At What That Baby Has Reduced This Once Proud Man To. And The Kid Knows It Too! “No More Relaxing Dinners Out, You Eat In Bed Now And You Love It! I Own You!!!

From Little Black Dress To Big White Mess. I Can’t Believe She Stopped To Take A Photo Before Incinerating That Hoodie!

They Never Suspected That When They Found Nemo They’d Also Lose Their Dignity

Double Double-Fisting!

From Striking A Pose To Serving As Poster Board

Kids! They’ll Steal Your Life-Force And *literally* Suffocate You, And Somehow You’ll Still Find Yourself Smiling While They Do

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